It is a kind of mining process wherein they get limestone, rock, construction aggregate riprap, sand and gravel from the ground. This process involves digging the soil using construction vehicles to get all of these things. Limestone used in making cement and other materials which are variable natural resources used to make things such as glass and concrete.. While rocks, sand and gravel are used for construction purposes. Quarrying is a business, occupation, or act of extracting useful material (as building stone) from quarries.
The reason why people are quarrying is because limestone has many uses. The first one, it is used in making starting materials like cement, concrete and etc,. It is a leading factor for economic growth. Quarrying also helps employment near the quarrying site and those people who makes materials using limestone. In short, quarrying contributes livelihood and well being to people.
Quarrying maybe a good for employment but it is not good to our environment because we all know that quarrying process is creating a wide hole that can affect the environment in many ways. While doing quarrying process they use construction vehicles that digging the grounds that cause wide range of sound or noise and air pollution that could be harmful to humans’ health. Quarrying also destroys habitat. Quarrying cannot back the real appearance of the place or environment. It is not also safe for the people near the hole.
The best solution for quarrying is to find other way or alternative for limestone so that quarrying could be lessen which also decreases the use of the environment where people live. In that way,this can prevent the increase of diseases of the people near the quarrying site. Some alternative for may not be like the same strength or characteristics of limestone such as the workability and durability of it, but still even if not, it helps a lot.
Prepared by: Jhon Carlo Cajayon G12- Gratitude


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