Illegal Mining

Illegal Mining is an activity of cultivating or digging minerals and element that these miners then sell to make money which is not approved by the authority. Illegal mining is an activity that is undertaken without state permission. In particular absence of land rights, mining license and exploration or mineral transportation permits.

The cause of illegal mining is the scarcity of these certain minerals from the other country. Illegal mining could be cause also of human poverty and can affect the people health. Most mining activities are extremely high risk for not only the environment risk of mining include the formation of sinkholes.

Identify and protect areas most susceptible to illegal mining activities. Because illegal mining generally occurs in abandoned shafts or within improperly close mines. Government can implement intermediate and permanent measure to manage these sites and coordinates long term monitory systems. Areas around abandoned and close mines can be designated high risk zone and as such there access restricted.

Prepared by:
Blaire Natalie Casa
12 Gratitude


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